Feature: Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 #2


We continue our Tokyo Auto Salon coverage, thanks to Rob Shaw from Back from Leave Spark, with this awesome Lamborghini Aventador. Liberty Walk and Miura-san of TRA Kyoto created this masterpiece.


And there were some more designs from Miura-san craving for some drool…

TAS024 TAS026 TAS025

Another masterpiece we’re hoping to see and hear in action this year, is the new NISMO Nissan GT-R GT3. Sales have been opened recently and we’ll be keeping a close eye on possible teams purchasing this beast.

TAS015 TAS016

The Racing Factory S2000 brought the orchestra into town…


The VIP style was another theme that wasn’t unknown to the Tokyo Auto Salon.


Actually, there were enough styles present to bet you wouldn’t like it all. But the Tokyo Auto Salon is an automotive paradise with for each their own heavens and hells. Stay tuned for our final part about the event!

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I have founded Monde Creative Studios as a name for my creative work, with a main focus on videography. It has slowly spawned an automotive media platform RPM Online, which later fused with another automotive website into RPM Vision. While I still produce video content and manage several aspects for RPM Vision, I'm also re-finding some time for Monde Creative Studios. Plans include new video assignments, but also expansions like storywriting and graphical work. I'm hoping to be an inspiration to others.
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